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Writer SIL2021 Date 2021-08-31 Hit 1609
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210277    Effects of increased mean temperature and extreme heatwaves on plankton communities 

               Thu Huong Huynh NgocZsofia Horvath, Peter Dobosy, Vivien Kardos, Karoly Palffy Beata Szabo, Csaba Vad

210245   Influence of sulfamethoxazoleon the life table paramenters of Brachionus rofundiformis under different Chlorella sp.  

               densities  Yutong Wang, Gaohua Ji, Mengyuan Li, Min Wen, Hongyan Xiao

210173   Effects of environmental stress on biomarker gene response in Zacco platypus

               Won-seok Kim, Ji-Hoon Kim, Kiyun Park, Ihn-Sil Kwak

210171   Permissible Phosphorous Load of a Tropical Lake Receiving Seasonal Flood Pulse  

               Vinhteang Kaing, Vouchlay Theng, Sovannara Uk, Chihiro Yoshimura

210101   Dietary nutrient export from eutrophic fish ponds via emerging insects

               Lena Fehlinger, Margaux Mathieu-Resuge, Matthias Pilecky, Tarn Preet Parmar, Cornelia Twining, 

               Dominik Martin-Creuzburg, Martin J. Kainz

210165    Assessment of Phosphorus Dynamics in a Large Tropical Floodplain, Tonle Sap Lake

               Vouchlay Theng ,Kana Hashimoto, Sovannara Uk, Tomohiro Tanaka, Hidekazu Yoshioka, Chihiro Yoshimura

210238   P limitation in cyanobacteria: the roles of population size, pulses, and organic P

               Elena Fukasawa Galvanese, André Andrian Padial, Luis Aubriot

210155   Effects of riparian buffers on instream community composition and their implication on cross-ecosystem connectivity

               Jasmina Sargac, Richard K. Johnson, Francis J. Burdon, Amélie Truchy, Geta Rîşnoveanu, Peter Goethals, Brendan G. McKie

210184   Can the management of the critically endangered Stellate Sturgeon in the Lower Danube River be enhanced? 

               Insights from 12 years of research

               Daniela Nicoleta Holostenco, Mitică Ciorpac, Elena Taflan, Katarina Tošić, Marian Paraschiv, Marian Iani

             Stefan Honț Radu Suciu, Geta Rîșnoveanu

210323   Prediction of trophic status in reservoirs in South Korea based on remote sensing images using a random

               forest model

               Dae-Seong Lee, YoungWoo Kim, YoonKyung Cha, Young-Seuk Park

* SIL2021 Secretariat will contact the winners individually.

    D531 22 AUGUST, 2021
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