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Writer SIL2021 Date 2021-08-31 Hit 1745
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210166   Comparison of zooplankton collecting methods (vertical vs. oblique towing) in reservoirs having different site  


                 Hye-Ji Oh, Yeon-Ji Chae, Doyeong Ku, Yerim Choi, Chang Woo Ji, Ihn-Sil Kwak, Yong-Jae Kim, Young-Seuk Park, 

                 Kwang-Hyeon Chang

210275    Relationship between forest development and water birds

                 Mihyeon Kim, Sungwon Hong

210162    Diversity and community assemblage of aquatic insects in the tropical maar lakes of San Pablo City, Laguna, 


                Sedney Serdeña Mendoza, Maria Claret Lauan Tsuchiya, Emmanuel Ryan Celzo de Chavez

210172    Indirect estimate and direct measurement of Daphnia biomass : review of length-weight regression and application of 


                Doyeong Ku, Hye-Ji Oh, Yeon-Ji Chae, Yerim Choi, Young-Seuk Park, Yong-Jae Kim, Ihn-Sil Kwak

210416   Coherent dynamics of a zooplankton community and its relationship to environmental variation

                Ishara Uhanie Perera, Natsumi Maruoka, Xiaofei Tian, Wataru Makino, Jotaro Urabe

210301   Identifying mechanisms of nitrogen excess across a threshold during rain events in a pastoral lake catchment

               Meti Yulianti, Troy Baisden, Rachel Murray, Claire Eyberg

210268   Occurrence of Clear-Water Phase in a Complex Water System with Both Fluvial and Lacustrine Characteristics

               Younbo Sim, Keon Hee Kim, Jong Kwon Im, Myeong Seop Byeon, Soon Ju Yu, Soon-Jin Hwang

210290  Detecting environmental DNA of fish community from lentic and lotic inland waters in South Korea

              So-yeon Kwon, Jihee Kim, Sangkyu Park

210347   Characterising benthic macroinvertebrate communities in reservoirs in Nakdong River basin, South Korea

               Da-Yeong Lee, Dae-Seong Lee, Young-Seuk Park

210144  Importance of lake water residence time for methylmercury concentrations in sediment and fish from artificial lakes in 

              South Korea   

              Eunji Jung, Seunghee Han

210252   Monte-Carlo Simulation guided reliability assessment on the treatment efficiency of the urban rainwater 

               treatment system

               Zi Yu Lin, Gyeong Min Nam, Jeong Sook Heo, I Song Choi, Kwang-Hyeon Chang, Jong-Min Oh

210296   Influence of storms on water quality of the Nador lagoon (Morocco) using Sentinel-2 imagery

               Greta Jankauskaite, Rebeca Pérez

210345   Response of benthic macroinvertebrate communities to longitudinal gradient: effects of geological and

               climatic factors

               Dong-won Shim, Dae-Seong Lee, Da-Yeong Lee, Soon-Jin Hwang, Kyung-Lak Lee, Young-Seuk Park

210295   Changes in the trophic state of the Nador lagoon (Morocco) determined by remote sensing using Landsat-8

               Greta Jankauskaite, Rebeca Pérez, Juan Soria

210360   Characterizing reservoirs based on sediment chemical condition in South Korea

               Yun-Sang Jeong, Dae-Seong Lee, Ihn-Sil Kwak, Young-Seuk Park

SIL2021 Secretariat will contact the winners individually.

    D531 22 AUGUST, 2021
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