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Title Photo & Video Contest Winners
Writer SIL2021 Date 2021-09-08 Hit 1486
Attach file SIL2021_Photo & Video Contest Winners.pdf (1.31MB)


Photo Contest Winners

1. The colors of eutrophication by Stella Volpini

2. Trapped in water hyacinth!  by Reliana Lumban Toruan

3. Walking on the surface of the 256m deep lake Iseo by Stella Volpini

4. Wish the River is as clear as the Sky by Reliana Lumban Toruan

5. Flooding to The Moon by Théo Dias Arueira

6. Lake Annecy and the Dronamaran by Julia Dusaucy

7. The Flood Plain of an Amazonian Oxbow Lake by Théo Dias Arueira

8. Ice sampling on Lake Tovel (Italy) in full safety by Ulrike Obertegger

9. Thank you forest, hello reservoir. by Masumi Stadler

10. Astonishing Nakdong River by Doyeong Ku

Video Contest Winners

1. Take a Dive into Igarapé Água Fria by Théo Dias Arueira

2. Sentarum Lake when fully inundated by Reliana Lumban Toruan

3. Snake heads swarm by Younbo Sim

4. Big lunch in the stream, submerged plant: Potamogeton by Ji Yoon Kim

5. Monitoring the biodiversity in Guaraguaçu River by Elena Fukasawa Galvanese

6. Catching eels for re-opening of estuarine barrage impact assessment by Donghyun Hong

7. A Train Trip around Lake Biwa, Japan by Eunsong Jung

8. Investigation of diatoms in streams(rivers) by Chae hong Park

9. Ground - truthing water quality in a coffee break in Busan by Blix Katalin

SIL2021 Secretariat will contact the winners individually.

    D531 22 AUGUST, 2021
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