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News & Notices

Title Time table for Short Course has been updated
Writer SIL2021 Date 2021-04-22 Hit 146
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 First come first served base

 Register in the congress registration

Detailed  time table for Short Course has been updated. (https://www.sil2021.org/courses.asp)

The number of participants for each course is limited.

Only registered SIL members could participate in Short Courses.

Please check the special SIL membership rate for the student and early careers. 


    D-100 22 AUGUST, 2021

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35th Congress of the International Society of Limnology (SIL2021)
426, Gonghang-daero, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07654)
Korean Society of Limnology / Registration No. : 204-82-04773 / Representative : Sin Gyeong Hun
Contact Information : sil2021@sil2021.org
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