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Title Brief Guidelines for online participation in SIL2021
Writer SIL2021 Date 2021-05-26 Hit 572
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Brief Guidelines for online participation in SIL2021

 1. In this congress, we will livestream whole events including lectures and  sessions via our website.

     If you participate, people also can see and hear you. All events have individual moderators for technical support to help communication between speakers and participants.

2. You need to submit oral (15 min)/ poster (3 min) presentation videos before its deadline in July. 

    These oral/poster presentation videos will be accessible on the website from August to November. 

    You are recommended to watch the videos of interest before you take part in the oral QnA sessions.

3. The oral “QnA” sessions (online livestreaming) are dedicated to QnA only. If you have questions to the presenters, please attend these sessions. 

   Oral presenters should attend their own sessions on time to answer the questions.

4. The poster presentations have no session for QnA

     Instead, you can leave questions and answers anytime in the QnA chat box on each presentation page.

    D-24 22 AUGUST, 2021

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